Sunday, January 17, 2010


OK guys these are free youtube accounts with all the passwords set at "123456jp" . Right now there are currently
10 youtube accounts but I will be uploading more in the next coming days. These accounts are mainly for
people that want to help boost their own video by rating and commenting their video to get a better
rank on youtube. These accounts are for everyone to use and have access to, and keep in mind you cannot change
the password because I am the owner of the e-mail of all these youtube accounts.Just go ahead and download
the files with the links below which will be given in a .txt format. When you download be sure to complete
the survey it only takes 5-10 seconds to fill out its really easy. That is the only reason this site seizes
to exist is because of the surveys so please take 5-10 seconds of your time to fill out the short survey,THANKS!

Rules: Please do not abuse these accounts by attempting to change the password, these accounts are purposely here just to help the youtube community to help boost videos, if the accounts are abused by changing the passwords or by deleting the account, we will seize operations.. thanks


Jan 17,2010